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CBD wholesale and production

We of Green Hand Trading are not just lovers of hemp and other resourceful, beneficial plants but are also idealists and visionaries. Our main subject is to work for a cleaner, healthier and happier planet where hemp has an important role in creating abundant resources for communities, farmers and sustainable industry.

We produce and trade high quality materials based on organic and probiotic processes to help and sustain a healthy soil for future generations. We try our best to offer the best prices so these materials can reach the end consumer at an affordable price.

Our vision is to raise capital and resources to develop hemp communities where the purchased properties will become a breeding ground of new hemp projects that sustain themselves and create new materials for economical and ecological building and living.

Together with our growing worldwide network we are forming a new movement of growers, visionaries and entrepreneurs that produce and consume in a more balanced and harmonized environment.


We are a strong team that is growing and trading CBD Hemp and its products based in Ticino Switzerland. We manage 6.5 Hektars Greenhouse and use probiotic growing methods to produce the double time cupwinner CBD strain Fedtonic in collaboration with Blühauf GmbH. All our methods are longtime beneficial for the ground and help build healthy soil. Mycorizza, effective microorganisms, terra preta and worm earth compost help feed the ground and make them more fertile and healthy. We don’t use any chemical or harmful substances in our grow and make sure that all our products are also free of them.

We also offer consulting in the whole process of producing high quality hemp flowers from seed and cloneproduction to maintenance, harvest and drying. Also we have extended knowledge and facilities for all kind of extractions like etheric oils, Isolates, distillates, rosin and full spectrum oils.

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